Master's Research Project: Perpetual Pain
A 5-minute 3D animation on the role of NGF in rheumatoid arthritic pain
Integrated multi-trophic aquaculture system
An immersive poster exploring a new approach to sustainable fish farming
Polycystic kidney disease
An illustration intended to be a two-page magazine spread on ADPKD pathology
Maternal-fetal relationships during labour
Two medical illustration boards intended for a medical malpractice case
Aortic valve replacement
A sequential illustration of an aortic valve replacement surgical procedure
T cell migration and maturation
A textbook illustration describing the maturation process and migration of T cells in the thymus
Sympathetic innervation of capillary beds
A full page illustration intended for a neuroanatomy textbook
An illustration describing the symptoms of osteoporosis
Anatomical drawings
Pen & ink and carbon dust illustrations based on anatomical specimens