Master's Research Project: Perpetual Pain
A 5-minute 3D animation on the role of NGF in rheumatoid arthritic pain
Integrated multi-trophic aquaculture system
An immersive poster exploring a new approach to sustainable fish farming
Polycystic kidney disease
An illustration intended to be a two-page magazine spread on ADPKD pathology
Maternal-fetal relationships during labour
Two medical illustration boards intended for a medical malpractice case
Aortic valve replacement
A sequential illustration of an aortic valve replacement surgical procedure
T cell migration and maturation
A textbook illustration describing the maturation process and migration of T cells in the thymus
Sympathetic innervation of capillary beds
A full page illustration intended for a neuroanatomy textbook
An illustration describing the symptoms of osteoporosis
Anatomical drawings
Pen & ink and carbon dust illustrations based on anatomical specimens
Actin filament assembly
An 8-second 3D animated interstitial for promoting Biomedical Communications
Transverse section of the eye
A 3D model of the human eye created in Autodesk Maya
Surgical tool models
A variety of 3D models of surgical tools created in Autodesk Maya
Late night coffee
A texturing and rendering exercise in Autodesk Maya
Ice breaker
Mock cover for a popular science magazine created in Cinema 4D
The flow of figures
An interactive tool tracking the changes in Grant's Atlas of Anatomy
IMS Magazine
A collaborative design and branding effort with members of the Institute of Medical Science
Cancer in Canada
An interactive visualization of patterns in the most common cancers in Canada
Portfolio website
Archived version of this website, originally developed in Flash