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Cancer in Canada 2009 Click to launch visualization
Adobe Flash CS4
General public (Canadian)
Interactive web tool (960x650 pixels)
Prof. N. Woolridge1, Prof. J. Jenkinson1
This project aims to educate the general public about the major trends in cancer incidence across Canada through visual means. Because incidence provides an estimation of the risk of developing a particular cancer, this information is highly relevant to Canadians. In order to reduce cognitive load and facilitate understanding, I created an interactive tool for the web that provides a visual representation of the major patterns and allows the user to control the display. The primary goals of this visualization were to facilitate comparison of cancer incidence 1) within each province 2) across provinces and 3) between males and females. Technical aims of this project were to gain knowledge of design principles and to expand programming knowledge in Adobe Flash (ActionScript 3).
1Biomedical Communications, University of Toronto

Conceptual process

Here is a sample of the designs that were rejected in the process! (Adobe Illustrator CS4)

Data source: Canadian Cancer Society's Steering Committee: Canadian Cancer Statistics 2009. Toronto: Canadian Cancer Society, 2009.