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Transverse section of the eye
Autodesk Maya 2011, Adobe Photoshop CS4
General public
Prof. M. Dryer1, E. Xuan1,2
The primary goal of this project was to build a 3D model of a complex anatomical structure. Technical aims included developing a modeling skill set in Autodesk Maya 2011, learning the basics of UV mapping and texture painting, and experimenting with render passes and lighting effects.
1Biomedical Communications, University of Toronto 2AXS Studios

Turntable animation

This animation shows the eye model in unshaded (lambert) mode, wireframe mode, and fully textured mode:

Reference image

The model was built based on the following illustration. Proportions were derived from the Basic Anatomy of the Human Eye for Artists paper written by L.A. Warren (Journal of Biocommunication). (Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop CS4)


Here are some of the shaders and bump maps I painted: