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Ice Breaker
Maxon Cinema4D, UCSF Chimera, layout in Adobe Photoshop CS4
General public
Prof. N. Woolridge1
This mock Scientific American cover aims to capture the interest of the general public. The primary objective of this project was to incorporate protein models from the Protein Data Bank in a scene with high visual impact. Through the creation of this illustration, I developed a modeling skill set in Cinema 4D, gained knowledge of texturing and lighting in three-dimensional environments, and learned how to access and use molecular data to create accurate molecular-level imagery.
1Biomedical Communications, University of Toronto

Herring illustration

This illustration evolved into a bit of a side-project and became much more refined than originally intended! (Photoshop CS4)


Conceptual process

Coming from a fish physiology background, I decided to focus on an anti-freeze protein found in herring.

Modeling process

Texturing and lighting process